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Well designed brand guidelines allows a company to avoid the most spread mistakes in brand promotion. Brandlabel creates high quality brand guideliness that enable our clients to achieve success and profitability.

What is brand guidelines?

Brandbook is a full-fledged set of corporate identity elements and the rules of their usage in order to successfully represent the brand . brand guidelines keeps the information about all brand elements: concept, logotype, colors, fonts, stylistics and the ways of their usage for different purposes.

Professionally designed corporate standards are the effective guidelines about how to make the brand visible and increase its recognition. Corporate standards allow to make the brand popular, keep its unique image, and let the brand name stand out.

What does brand guidelines include?

To make the brand unique and recognizable, we choose a special complex of instruments and options for each client to reach the highest possible results.

  • Logotypes

    Unusual writing of a company name is the basic element of a brand and the guaranty of its recognition. Effective communication with partners and consumers is impossible without the unique professionally designed logotype.

  • Typography

    The set of original corporate fonts makes the brand image unique and influences brand perception. The correctly chosen fonts can make a brand image stylish, businesslike or youthful.

  • Office equipment and stationery

    Stylish and good looking materials, such as corporate business cards, blanks and envelopes form the atmosphere of reliability.

  • Point-of-Sale Marketing

    Corporate advertising materials that are used for Point-of-sale displays are directed right to the audience: they attract people's attention, tell consumers about the product and promote products and services effectively.

  • Mass media

    Using mass media channels for brand promotion is extremely effective because of the people's trust to such information sources as newspapers, TV, radio or Internet.

  • Printed materials

    Good-looking high quality typography can increase brand recognition and brand loyalty. It makes the company's product more appealing and desired.

  • Product line

    Consistent design and unique package make the brand visible, influence consumer perception, increase brand recognition and brand awareness.

  • Outdoor advertising

    We offer all sorts of advertising structures, that look appealing and tell customers about a brand 24 hours a day. you can choose any sort of outdoor ads: three-dimensional advertising structures and usual billboards, static and animated ads, with the additional lighting or without.

  • Transit advertising

    Transit advertising embeds a brand into the city life. Transit advertising allows our clients to reach wide and varied audience.


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    <p class=""cgray"">The brandbook worked out for the education centre Talant, makes dealing with brand positioning and development easy and pleasant, thus helping to build up positive long-lasting relations with customers and partners and facilitate brand recognition.


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The basic rules

Each business needs a special set of brand image carriers. brand guidelines for a clothes retailer will be completely different from the brand guidelines of a bearing plant. The most well-spread models are presented below. Special corporate brand guidelines are designed to control the usage of the corporate identity elements.

    • Logotype
    • Colored logotypes
    • Black and white logotypes
    • Monochrome logotypes
    • Recommendable and allowable colors
    • Geometric configuration of logotype design
    • General logotype guidelines
    • Trademark
    • Company typeface
    • Roman font
    • Cyrillic font
    • Company template design
    • Corporate background colour
    • Company's letterhead
    • Company's letterhead (VIP)
    • Company's letterhead (horisontal)
    • Company's letterhead (for Microsoft Power Point)
    • Company's letterhead (for Microsoft Word)
    • Corporate business cards
    • Name card VIP
    • Euro Envelope
    • Envelope А4
    • Booklet
    • Corporate booklet А4
    • Corporate Z Fold brochure
    • Cover page for special offers
    • Congratulatory letterhead А4
    • E-mail congratulatory letterhead
    • Advertising block 1/3
    • Additional elements of corporate style
    • T-shirt
    • Plastic bag
    • Pen Additional element (not more than one)
    • Design of brand clothes
    • Clothes for warehouses
    • Items of office clothes
    • Corporate name badges
    • Writing pads design (7.5х5)
    • Business Stickers
    • Design of CD covers
    • Design of CD cover style
    • Sticky tape design
    • Additional elements (at most two)
    • Presentation of corporate identity guidelines

Are you ready to order a brand guidelines?

We firmly believe in all our projects because we are sure: outstanding results are where the inspiration is. There is no better way, to find the best suitable corporate identity and brand guidelines design, than to meet our specialists and discuss your ideas and demands personally.

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It is hard to to form the ingenious joint image out of all the company’s values and objectives, its mission and challenges. This image should be stylish and modern to give the neat and comprehensive answer to all the customers' questions. Brand guidelines accomplish all these tasks. Brandlabel creates brand guideliness that help to optimize brand promotion to new markets no matter what advertising agency is chosen.

  • It saves money

    Brandlabel finishes projects in the shortest possible time. Our great experience and deep understanding of our job allow us to cope with any task or problem efficiently and effectively.

  • General style of your company

    Our goal is to create the the brands that becomes the leaders in their market segment. We apply the latest and the most effective technologies to create brands and design corporate identity conceptions according to our clients' preferences.

  • Speed

    We consult with our clients at all the stages of our work to let them save their money, where it is possible. We always consider our clients’ demands and preferences. Our complex approach and huge experience allow us to offer reasonable and affordable prices.