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Nowadays this estate agency is the regional leader of the real estate market. This high position needs to be represented on a high level. Brandlabel took the initially existing brand name and created the image of a reliable company and business partner. Now "5 Stars"estate agency has become one of the most popular and well known real estate agencies in the region.

Interest at a Glance


The recognizable brand name is associated with the highest standards of service and has the appealing style that is described in brand guidelines. The logotype was also designed by Brandlabel. The five-pointed star highlights the company’s ability to choose different directions and approach when working with different clients, due to the understanding of each project's uniqueness. The brand name “5 stars” tells the clients about the best service and the highest professional level of every company specialist.

Attractiveness in Scale of the City


All these brand features are visually and verbally displayed on all the advertising materials. To increase brand recognition and awareness, outdoor advertising was used. Brandalabel has also completed the large scale advertising campaign that turned a small unknown agency into “5 stars” real estate agency - the most popular real estate agency in the region.

Conquest of the Worldwide Network


The corporate website of “5 stars” agency was designed by Brandlabel team. The website demonstrates company’s boundless professional opportunities in the real estate business sphere. Due to recognizable brand and perfectly chosen brand positioning, developed by Brandalabel, “5 stars” agency has become the leader in real estate service.

Corporate identity and brand guidelines development for 5 Stars

Recently “5 stars” team has reached Brandlabel specialists to discuss a new marketing campaign in order to reach new greater objectives. It is so pleasant to feel customers' trust! Brandalbel is always ready to help!