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Anderson events studio has always been a team of professionals for whom Branlabel was assigned to design bright unusual presentations to highlight the extraordinary and multipurpose approach of the company. The well developped branding campaign has led to the increase of customer flow. Today this agency has its offices in Moscow and St Petersburg.

Authentic Magic


The studio took the name of the famous writer for a reason: the concept of the studio includes the elements of magic. The great amount of fairy tales finish with the words: «they got married and lived long and happily». “Anderson” studio specializes on arranging the happiest days in many people’s lives. The idea of miracle can be easily recognized in all the corporate identity elements. It forms the concept, that has been successfully developed when the firm diversified its services.

Kingdom of Entertainment


The logo reminds the sign on the ancient gates that lead to the magic land. Vintage color palette and fairytale illustrations create the atmosphere of a magic fairy tale that should last forever. Even the stationaries and souvenirs were designed in dreamlike and a bit excentric style with a little accent on wedding ceremonies. How about the idea of creating the own colors, like a real palace?! The most exciting part of the work was the start the project after its style was renewed. To promote the event studio, different kinds of advertising media were chosen (all of them were popular among the target customers).

Разработка вебсайта для студии праздника Андерсен
  • Typography

    Newspaper announcements – is a reat way of telling the customers about the company and giving the contact information.

  • Outdoor advertising

    The more people know about the brand – the quicker they reach the manager to make an order.

  • Website

    Charismatic and comfortable online let the viewers merge into the atmosphere of romance and love.

The new website is the special result of our work. It represents “Anderson” brand in the Internet. Once visitors come to the website, they plunge into the exciting, magic and touching atmosphere of wedding ceremony. The website is divided into modules that express all the opportunities offered by ”Anderson” agency and its creative and energetic team.