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For this bright event agency, Brandlabel has developed a branding campaign to represent Animashiki-show from an unusual point of view. We concentrated the consumer's attention on the most important and strong features fo the company. By creating an image of the most creative and professional team that can organise any sort of event fot children of all ages. Due to affective brand promotion the customers' flow significantly increased.

Kingdom of the Celebration


All the best characteristics of "Animashki show" agency were displayed in the corporate brand guidelines that were developed by Brandlabel. Brand guidelines include all the elements, starting from logotypes and ending up with fully developed advertising materials. Bright colors, festive atmosphere and picturesque graphic design were implemented to create the associations with magic and fun.All the elements were united into the conception of the brand positionning that would highlight the creativeness and high professionalism of the agency's specialists who can arrange an extraordinary performance. The client card will remind the customers about the remarkable performance. Brandlabel has also designed colorful promo leaflets to introduce the agency to its customers. The leaflets represented Animashky show agency as the team of professionals that can arrange an extraordinary celebration of any type because they are extremely creative and experienced.

Unlimited Development


As a result of the rebranding campaign, Brandlabel has managed to reach the objectives, increase the customer flow and brand recognition. Animashky show agency got the full set of brand identity accessories that will help the brand to develop in future.

Colorful Emphasis


To represent the agency effectively and efficiently and reach the wider audience, Brandalabel used the unusual and memorable banners that created the feeling of fun and celebration.

Celebration in the Network


The website of Animashki show agency was designed in line with the most modern standards and technologies. Brandlabel has made the website adaptive to make it available from all sorts of gadgets. Each of the 40 pages of the website was designed according to the preferences of the target audience of the agency.

Анимашки Шоу Brand Development - создание брендовой составляющей

Positive Promotion


When it comes to event agencies, the most important thing is to create visual presentation. That is why Instagram was chosen as the main channel of social mass media where the large scale advertising campaign was accomplished.

Анимашки Шоу Brand Development - создание брендовой составляющей
  • Bright Colors

    Reflect character and attract attention. What you need for a brand that organizes children's parties.

  • Creating Mood

    The bright design will remind the client how, in childhood, everyone dreamed of getting into a fairy tale and filled him with a sense of magic.


    A quality promotion program will take the brand to a new level and increase the number of customers by several times.

Brandlabel has successfully accomplished the given objectives. By the end of rebranding campaign, Animashky show agency has become more popular and recognizable. The agency got the full set of brand identity accessories that will help the brand to develop in future.