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Brandlabel agency has created an extraordinary image for this event agency. As Animashki-show specializes in kids' events and performances. Their website was designed using bright colors to create the magic atmosphere of childhood.
Анимашки Шоу - разработка сайта

Thoughtful Portfolio

Продуманное портфолио

Website design is bright, colorful and is associated with childhood. To create this cheerful atmosphere and get priorities straight, animation and stylized typo-graphics were used. The portfolio is arranged the way it represents all the opportunities of the event agency, without interrupting consumers’ attention by too bright design. In the logic flow of content one can find motivational buttons that encourage the visitors to make an order.
Анимашки Шоу - разработка сайта

Bright Images

Яркие изображения

Bright animation is stunning. It plunges the visitors into the atmosphere of childhood and celebration. Due to professional design accents, visitors attention is focused on the wide range of services offered by “Animashki-show” agency.
Анимашки Шоу - разработка сайта

Unique Design

Уникальное оформление

The website has the unique design and layout that makes the website bright but not annoyingly bright. Variety of design elements highlights the multifunctional opportunities of the agency. In case new services appear, it will be easy to add new pages, designed according to corporate style guidelines.

Анимашки Шоу - разработка сайта

Adaptive design of allows to optimize the users’ experience while exploring the website. It is available from all sorts of gadgets. Adaptive design helps to represent the site appropriately and reach larger audience, using social nets, such as Instagram.