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Stylish and powerful designed website of Anji football club was created by Brandlabel team. The website is filled with energy and the desire to win. Simple and intuitive layout, well designed modules, emotional and stylish graphic design create the impression of high professionalism and motivation as the main feature of the football team.
Футбольный клуб Анжи - дизайн сайта

Necessary Information

Необходимая информация

The home page is not overloaded, though it contains all the necessary information. The content is neat and clearly arranged. Such a comfortable layout can only please the club fans. Brandalbel took into account all the pecularities and devided the information blocks into news, photos, video gallery, blogs and social media buttons that make the fans even closer to their favorite sportsmen.

Футбольный клуб Анжи - дизайн сайта

Football Atmosphere

Футбольная атмосфера

Every page is full of football atmosphere, its dynamic energy and high professionalism. This idea is perfectly expressed on the website and creates the feeling of the real personal contact with famous football players.