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Spirit of pieces of work by an American impressionist artist Anna Razumovskaya is revealed in details elaborated with perfectionism attitude – as it always is with all projects of Brandlabel. Brand mark, set of fonts (typographics), choice of corporate color scheme took form of an integral and aesthetically awesome framing, compiled all together in the corporate brandbook.

Effective corporate Communications

Stylish color scheme

The basic variation of the color scheme presented with the deep blue-lilac shades is well-balanced with white-golden logo gradient and combined with intense noble shades of additional color scheme.

Elegance in Every Detail

Corporate brandbook

Along with presentation of basic set of elements, the brandbook describes regulations of their application (black-and-white and color variations), design concept for all the materials, including marketing and ad visuals, business documents, package and sign-board.

Certificate of Authenticity

Uniqueness of the purchase

Specifically, as part of corporate production, business cards for the brand reps are elaborated as well as templates for gift voucher and loyalty card; while laconic envelopes add elegant gloss to the brand presentation. With each of the paintings of Anna Razumovsky comes the original certificate confirming the authenticity of the work. This is a great way to tell the customer about the uniqueness of his purchase. The certificate is executed as a plastic card, embossed and embossed.

Aesthetics of Impressionism

Elegant and expressive design

All the branded corporate production is designed to highlight elegance combined with expressiveness of the corporate identity for contemporary impressionism lovers – brand fans and partners.

Maximum Integrity of the Design

Attention to detail

Company stationery, folders and multipage documents in colored cover represent the corporate concept and enable to achieve feeling of maximum integrity of design and irreproachable attention to detail.

Excepted Packaging

Bags for pieces of art

Artist’s brand identity is impossible to do without branded package. The package is worked out with consideration of size range of pieces of work labelled Anna Razumovskaya: paper bags, tube, box and sticker for mail transfer.

  • Luxurious Color Scheme

    Reveals and conveys the brand spirit, provides brand customers with sense of choosiness.

  • Integral Materials Design

    Enables to build-up efficient communication and manage the brand recognition.

  • All-business Package

    Creates sense of care and forms the feeling of maximum attentiveness to detail.

Due to expressive and appealing design Anna Razumovskaya brand acquired new sounding — classy, positively sophisticated and, undoubtedly, worth the world scale brand.