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The erotic side of women’s nature is said to be destined only for men's satisfaction. Brandlabel created the opposite brand image for “Egoistka” lingerie shop that represents women’s sex appeal as one of the most important parts of their personality. Sex appeal is a source of inner strength, beauty and charm. This is the main idea of the shop's corporate identity. The brand offers women to express their sexuality using beautiful lingerie.

Temptation in Every Line


The identity of the shopping brand “Egoistka” is based on the idea of exquisite and poncey erotic that is expressed in all the style elements. The logotype is designed in a shape of a twisted monogram and decorated with elegant laces, imitating extremely feminine lingerie. The imitation of pliant lianas with delicate leaves adds another piquant nuance to the logo. Another peculiar feature is a liane with a leaf that looks like a tail of a wellknown evil character who is really good at seducing and temptation. This is a broad hint that women can be devilishly attractive and seductive.

Intriguing Design


The developed corporate style is seducive as well as the logotype. All the elements are implemented in intriguing and chic color palette with gold and purple accents. This visual design is associated with intim atmosphere. Bows and lacy inserts were used in decoration to add more elegance and effeminacy. Business card is an elegant accessory for business and personal contacts. The function of the corporate website and the shop sign is to represent the brand to its audience. Dainteth decoration highlight the chic sophisticated logotype that creates the atmosphere of a private club. The club of women that can be businesslike and formal during the day, while being seductive and passionate at night.

Excepted Packaging


It's twice as pleasant to visit this boutique when you end up having the cherished purchase in the neat packaging. Elegant corporate packaging helps women feel even more beautiful and pamper themselves with chic lingerie more often. Corporate packaging is also good for the brand because stylish packaging increases customer loyalty. Discount scheme is another trigger of customer loyalty. To actualise the discount scheme, brandlabel has developed the set of «lacy» discount cards implemented according to the corporate identity.

Egoistka lingerie boutique has charming and glamourous image. This positioning makes the brand attractive for its target audience - women who want to be appealing and desireable. Well developed brand image allows the brand to develop and increase its recognition and customer demand.