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Сhildren's model school “Fabrica kids” brand, being in the caring and professional hands of Brandlabel, played with bright colors and finally found its own face - now not only stylish, but easily recognizable.

Bright Brand Logo

The spectacular image

The spectacular image of Fabrica kids is built around an attention-grabbing corporate sign, modern typography (fonts) and a bright palette in a multi-colored range, touching and tender, and at the same time stylish. Colors and a black and white version are matched to the main palette. All corporate colors are variable and include both print versions and materials in digital format.

Positive Business Documentation

Ideal tool for attracting attention

A business documentation that non-verbally attracts attention reveals the brand's philosophy is an ideal tool for attracting attention: catalogs, folders, envelopes, letterheads are bright and charismatic and form positive associations and a desire to move to a personal level of interaction with the brand.

Detail & Informativeness

Corporate brandbook

In the brandbook developed for the school, detailed descriptions of all the basic components are supplemented with detailed recommendations on the application of identity elements for material layouts. Along with this, the criteria for the usage of pictures of people are described, which is extremely important for the brand of a company that succeeds in the modeling business.

Colorful Business Communication

Ready-to-use layouts of materials

For communication with partners and customers, ready-to-use layouts of materials have been created for all necessary occasions, including business cards, letterhead and folders, plastic cards, gift certificates, envelopes, multi-page documents.

Maximum Fame Everywhere

Brand printed materials

As the advertising companies of the school imply promotions, design for them was developed on a turn-key basis, including brand printed materials (flyer and leaflet), as well as souvenirs (t-shirt, paper bag, pens, pens and notebooks). For publications in press, to simplify the organization and launch of advertising and image campaigns, we took care of creating layouts of printed materials of the required formats: brochure, catalog, leaflet.

Widespread Brand Presentation

Banners and billboards

For presentation of the brand in press layouts of banners have been developed: for placement on the cover and directly inside the print media. Banners are presented in several formats, from which you can choose the best match for the criteria of a particular publication. For large-scale advertising on interior and exterior locations, billboards are designed in several formats, from which you can choose the right one, taking into account the location and specification of the campaign.


    All visual materials are united by a uniform style and color range.


    Anchoring positive associations and brand-like stylish business cards and design. For successful communication remotely and live.


    To attract the attention of the target audience on the streets and in the press.

Playful and bright design of the brand reflects its character and allows Fabrica kids to declare themselves as a children's model school, capable of making a real star of every little client with a sense of style and a unique image.