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For the children's model school Fabrica Kids, we developed a website that helps the school to achieve current goals and attract new students. The website, created in the caring hands of Brandlabel, plays with bright colors and has its own face - not only stylish, but also easily recognizable.

Fabrica Kids Website Development - разработка сайта

Selling Design

Продающий дизайн

To find the optimal solution of the objectives and the formation of a successful and effective concept, a detailed analysis was carried out. The structure of the site was developed, its functionality was defined and a bright cheerful design was created. Each page of the site is built on attention to each detail due to the optimal selection of fonts, stylish layout, as well as the thoughtfulness of the content, which made it possible to cut off all unnecessary. The logical structure of the site unobtrusively creates a sense of convenience.

Fabrica Kids Website Development - разработка сайта

Convenient Navigation

Удобная навигация

Along with aesthetics, the functionality is being worked out: the site fully reflects the activities of the children's model school that are necessary for the visitors of the site. It is ergonomic, intuitive and easy to navigate. The arrangement of sections is comfortably organized, the catalog is structured so that the visitor can easily find what he needs.

Model School Blog

Блог модельной школы

For all users of the site there is a blog, where a detailed report is kept on all news and events in the life of the model school, as well as the gallery with regular new thematic photo sessions of small models.

Fabrica Kids Website Development - разработка сайта

Adaptive Coding

Адаптивная верстка

Since the whole site is focused on creating a comfortable atmosphere for users, we have developed adaptive versions of the web resource, so that you can use the site from your usual devices at any place and time.

Adaptability also makes it possible to present Fabrica Kids in an attractive way for the maximum number of potential customers and most effectively use modern promotion opportunities, such as the Instagram social network.

  • Loyalty

    Ease of use of the service from familiar devices creates a sense of care and brand loyalty among visitors.

  • Interaction

    Well-thought out content of the site, attention to the nuances and easy navigation for visitors or clients.

  • Attractiveness

    The website looks amazing and creates the necessary mood on any device.