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Firma is a professional mediator between the boundless Chinese market and the vast number of companies that purchase these products from the market. Brandlabel has successfully represented Firma company by creating the website
Firma Website Development - разработка сайта

The Highest Degree of Reliability

Высочайшей степени надежности

Though the website looks simple, it was created according to all existing standards. The website is designed and developed professionally, that is visible in website functionality and reliability. The website work flawlessly and quickly in spite of high traffic. This creates the impression of a reliable company and increases customer trust. The website system has plenty of functions that were inserted in the overall website design without overloading it. As a result, customers and managers could focus on the needed services.
Firma Website Development - разработка сайта

Minimalistic Design

Минималистичный дизайн

РThe main aim of the website design is to complete the brand impression without deflecting the clients attention away from shopping process. Due to the aesthetic and laconic design, Firma trading website stands out among the rivals. The products are represented with the great taste and the overall design of the catalogue is laconic and stylish. This decision helps to erase the negative stereotype about all the products, that are “made in China”. Using the catalogue is easy and comfortable thanks to the design and structure with tags and the opportunities of search.
Firma Website Development - разработка сайта

Motivating Lading Pages

Мотивирующие продающие страницы

Individual page of each product gives all the needed information about it and encourage the client to make and order or consult the company manager. Each product is represented vividly and has all the characteristics mentioned. The photos of all the products help the customers to see every tiny detail of their purchase. The feedback buttons can be found on every page.
Firma Website Development - разработка сайта

he website has the unique CMS, that was developed by Brandlabel professionals from scratch in order to perfectly meet client demands and managers’ needs. The computerized calculation system for counting markups and estimating the costs. The main objective of the website is to enable the buyer to find and the needed category, choose the product, calculate the cost and pay for the purchase using the payment option he likes. As a result, website has become the real competitive advantage for the company.