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ICFD – is the philosophy that unites people who love fashion with their beloved – real, frisky, complex, and extraordinary fashion world. Brandlabel was asked to present this independent school of fashion and design as a reliable and sustainable bridge between the real world of modern fashion and the people who cannot imagine their lives without this world.

Openness in Every Word


Fashion doesn’t have any nationality. It can speak with people from different countries on equal terms and everyone understands its unique language. The name of the school expresses the internationality of the fashion world: it is open for anyone who wants to create something new and unusual. It also tells us about the school’s activity: teaching people who want to become successful designers.

Elegance in Every Detail


Fashion is all about the diversity and fickleness, harmony, perfect sense of taste and unique details of various fashion styles. To create the link between the school and the high fashion industry, Brandlabel agency implemented all the advertising materials in stylish color palette that includes black, white and grey monochrome, combined with bold and perky red color. The created image is a real claim to the stable place in the world of high fashion.

  • Office appliances and Stationary

    Stylish details are the expression of fashion and company style that you can touch and interact with.

  • Graphic art and polygraphy

    Visual presentation forms the needed first impression.

  • Outdoor advertising

    Appealing and stylish company image was integrated into the city life.

Concentration on the User


In the Internet the company was presented by the magnificent website. The user friendly layout is practical and clear; it expresses all the company style details. The users can easily find the necessary information about a course or teachers.

ICFD Adaptive Web Design

Effective PR-Campaign


Half of the designer's success depends on his work with mass media and marketing effectiveness. For the school that teaches designers, mass media presentation is also very important. That is why Brandlabel chose the most reliable thematic mass media channels to represent the school to its future students.

The idea of the school is to involve the students into the world of high fashion and let them create the parts of this world while studying. The life photos in all the online and offline presentations help the students to feel the atmosphere of involvement into the world of fashion and design . Brandlabel photographers made all the photos of the learning process during one of the courses in a fashion house. Such photos are telling about the values of the unique school of fashion and design.