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The Incube mall had no website for a long time. When developing it, the Brandlabel team took into account all the aims of the customer, and the shopping center appeared in front of potential visitors in the best way. The website contributed to the growing popularity of the mall. It became more convenient for buyers to navigate the offers of services and goods, and for tenants - to select suitable locations.
Incube Website Development - разработка сайта

Simple and User-friendly

Original design solutions

The Incube shopping center website is simple and user-friendly. But its functionality does not negate the original design solutions. The color palette and design, as always with the Brandlabel team, are individual and take into account the specifics of the customer. Photos of interiors will attract attention. Detailed information about cosmetic and perfumery products, new items in boutiques of fashionable clothes and accessories, the services that stylists, hairdressers and electronics repair service in the center, will undoubtedly save time for everyone who bothers take a look at the site before visiting the mall.

Adaptive Coding

Convenient Navigation

Considering the variety of gadgets that visitors of Incube can use, we have developed adaptive versions of the site. It is available on mobile devices. It is very convenient. If you are going to look into the store after a long day at work, you can simply open your iPhone on the way and find on which floor and in which section they sell the desired item. You will have access to information about sales and boutiques recently opened in the mall. You will also learn about the opening hours of the shopping center. So you will not be late and save your nerves. After all, every minute counts before closing!

Detailed Information

Complete Catalog

Brandlabel employees have developed a complete catalog of all shops represented in the mall. With its help, you can easily navigate in the shopping center, read about the specifics of each section and about the clothing brands or shoes that are sold there. In addition, you can easily get information about the brand you are interested in, follow the link to the store's website, and subscribe to its page in social networks. In another section, you will find a list of all the services that can be obtained in the shopping center.

Convenient Form

Page for Tenants

The site created by Brandlabel is convenient not only for visitors of the Incube shopping center, but also for tenants. There is a special page for them. Here, a brand that wants to be represented in the mall can easily find all the information it needs. Here you can also fill out a convenient and concise application form for renting premises, which is immediately sent to the shopping center manager by mail. The answer will follow immediately.
Incube Website Development - разработка сайта

News and Promotions

Customer Convenience

Customers' attention will undoubtedly be drawn by the News and Promotions block. Here all stores post information about sales and marketing promotions. Moreover, the news is structured by topic: promotions, sales, new arrivals. Thus, visitors can quickly navigate the variety of products on offer. The page design is laconic, but also very attractive and modern.

  • Loyalty

    User-friendly technologies and modern design are regarded by users as a concern for them.

  • Interaction

    Reasonable content of the site, attention to nuances and easy navigation for visitors or clients.

  • Attractiveness

    The website looks amazing and creates the right mood on any device.

The website for the Incube shopping center developed by the Brandlabel team combines ease of use and a lot of content. The pages designed in one style allow you to answer all the questions that potential buyers and tenants may have, as well as create an attractive image of a fashion mall.