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This women’s clothing brand has the name of the company’s leading designer. Today Léka New York is well known all over the world and has already impressed plenty of celebrities with extraordinary taste and exacting demands, such as Heidi Klum and Lady Gaga. The success of this brand is also the success of Brandlabel that has created the style of Léka New York from scratch, including all the catalogues, advertising photos and labels.

Attention to Every Detail

More than just clothing

When it comes to design, it is crucial to prepare high quality photo materials in order to create positive brand image in customers' perception. Brandlabel created all the photographs of the highest quality for the lookbooks and photo-shoots. Even the tiny elements, such as unusual flounces, leather inputs and shoe sole design, have the designer’s personality involved. Léka brand apparel is more than just clothing – it is a part of the designer’s soul in the boundless world of fashion.

Leka packaging

Presence in Every Corner of the City

Outdoor advertising

Another goal was to reach as many people as possible in order to inform them about the new brand. Outdoor advertising was used for this purpose. The well designed advertising blended in the city architecture to create the feeling of the brand presence in the city streets and people’s life.

Ubiquitous Seduction

Architectural inspiration, charm and intrigue

In Léka New York brand apparel one can find the architectural inspiration, charm and intrigue. The designer’s fascinating and charismatic personality is performed differently in each collection. The brand is represented in modern minimalism in order to highlight its brightness and ingenuity.

Leka NYC Brand Development - создание брендовой составляющей
  • Website

    The official website of Léka New York brand is designed in minimalism style. This design suits the brand perfectly and allows the models to speak for themselves. Due to this decision, customers can notice every unique element of the designer’s work

  • E-commerce

    The online store of the brand is one of the main website functions. Clear interface and suitable design attract customers and give them the opportunity of shopping without spending extra time.

  • Sales

    In order to promote the brand, plenty of showrooms were opened in New York and Paris. Now Léka New York is a well known brand, and its apparel is being sold in plenty of countries around the world, including the USA, France, Egypt and Russia.

Every lifestyle brand needs to be effectively represented in mass media. Brandlabel arranged the presentation of Léka New York in the most popular fashion magazines to create positive brand image.

Later it resulted in brand expansion: Léka fashion house presented Léka Atelier and Léka Fleurs. Both new lines are represented in the same style as Léka New York.