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Maquette is a unique service enabling brands to acquire high-quality mock-ups for turn-key business “packaging”. Advantages of such mock-ups include fast and easy editing, photorealism of images, adaptability to any formats known, as well as cost.

Recognizable corporate Identity

Mock-up collections for brand's presentations

Mock-up collections for presentation of brands in print media enable to place text on page of any format, appropriately complement it with illustration, photo or infographic. All the existing formats of print media are considered, including catalogs, magazines, booklets

Luxurious Solution

Business documentation design

Collections for business documentation design, such as Whiteridge’s Collection, combine multi-functionality, laconism and uniqueness. Thus, design of this collection is based on gradient in pastel color scheme, complemented with the basic white shade. Press gilding, fonts bending and the crown symbol unequivocally relate this mock-up collection to luxury and elitism.

Enchanting Trends

Perfect up-to-date choice

The trendiest mock-ups, such as Diary of a Fashionista collection built on mix-up of tropical prints, illustration, faery shades and “square” design, follow later fashion craze. The perfect up-to-date choice for the highest-fashionable brands.

Anticipation of Pleasure

An element of exclusiveness

For the brands implying an element of exclusiveness, choosiness or mystery with a hint on pleasure in their philosophy, building-up direct relations with customers, a number of collections were created including Pratto. Color scheme, fonts, composition of elements are aimed to evoke sense of intimate, limitedly accessible elegance and anticipation of pleasant emotions.

Attractiveness in Simplicity

Mock-up collections for signs

Design of mock-up collections for signs meets street ad requirements, such as laconism and shades sharpness, to make the sign maximum noticeable. Elegant mock-ups are worked out in various formats from the simplest geometric forms up to creative ones — bold and attracting attention due to content as well as form.

Recognition in the Network

Mock-ups for application online

Collections of high-quality mock-ups for application online enable to use brand color grade for increasing recognition, for instance, while viewing presentations (as well as in any other cases when definite ground is required). Also, they are convenient to use in order to evoke definite emotions and mood for customers in interaction with the brand.

Elegance in Every Detail

Versatile collections of tags and labels

Tags present an important issue of image for companies dealing with production, for instance, manufacturers of clothing and accessories. Versatile collections of tags and labels enable to unveil the brand spirit via their design in accordance with up-to-date tendencies, which becomes especially crucial in case the brand is related to ultimatistic and fastidious world of fashion.


    Colors reflect the character and convey the mood, create a sense of being chosen by the brand.


    Each mock up was well planned and designed by Brandlabel specifically for Maquette


    Mock up collections are suitable for a variety of cases. Whether it’s a street sign, product packaging, online presentation, etc.

To make the service available for companies of all kinds we worked out a variety of versatile mock-up collections, creation of which required collaboration of photographers, graphic and layout designers of Brandlabel team. Ready-to-use solutions look stylish, up-to-date and enable any brand to create own unique image from scratch.