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Find out what the real Samara hospitality and true luxury are about by staying at one of the Matveev Apartments, where you can feel comfort and refinement. The brand book that we created for the company reflects a careful approach to the details of creative, passionate people.

Spectacular Laconic Style


The spectacular image of “Matveev Apartments” is built around a corporate sign that draws attention, modern typography (fonts) and a monochrome palette in a black and white range - laconic and at the same time stylish. Designing the logo by selecting colors, font and additional graphic element - a thin frame univocal positions “Matveev Apartments” as the company of the highest level.

Charismatic Working Documentation


In a set of business documentation, a branded logo serves to design the exterior of the materials, and the base colour range presents the content. Due to the uniformity of design and elegant layout, the brand is conceived of as bright and charismatic, while sustained within the framework of excellent taste.

Attention to all the Small Things


In addition, the design of printing materials was created: covers for folders and multi-page documents, leaflets. At the heart of the laconic design variations of branded printing materials are corporate colors. Also, photographs of the interiors, thematically related to the activities of “Matveev Apartments”, are used for visual communication.

Creation of the Brand Guidelines


The brand book presents a wide range of possible uses of the logo on various media. In particular, the work of the brand “Matveev Apartments” at the level of high standards involves a fairly close contact with customers. To make the interaction pleasant and successful, the designers of Brandlabel developed a complete working stationery set, characterized by business laconic style and elegance. This set included envelopes and letterheads, folders and, of course, business cards.

Universal Logo Style


For maximum recognition, it was important to create a logo that is universally suitable for applying to any surface from any material, including paper, textiles, glass, leather. At the same time it was important to observe the variability - on each carrier the logo produces the desired visual effect.

Maximum Integrity of the Design


When you are working with brands in the high price segment, it is extremely important to emphasize elitism, so that customers won’t even have a shadow of a doubt that they will receive the best for their money. It is impossible to ignore even a detail - a branded tag on staff clothes, packages in which the buyer will take home a bottle of elite wine, a beautiful discount card or even paper in which a glass decorated with the name of the brand will be wrapped in. All these small nuances are added into a single idea about the level of the company and the quality of the service provided.

Excepted Packaging


Developing the identity for “Matveev Apartments” was impossible to do without branded packaging. It was developed taking into account the services that are provided: kitchen, toiletries and other household items. When working with a brand, it is especially important to form and maintain strong ties and strengthen customer loyalty, increasing the amount of their pleasure in service and staying in apartments. To this end, a corporate packaging design that evokes positive emotions and looks stylish has been developed.

Visual Possibilities


The Brandlabel team managed to develop a convenient and mobile website for “Matveev Apartments” due to the creation of a memorable image and the correctly chosen positioning of the company on various electronic gadgets.


    All visual materials are united by a single style and color range.


    Elements of corporate style look individual and laconic, they are certainly remembered when you contact with a brand.


    Beautiful attributes make people have pleasant emotions and feel a sense of belonging.