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Nyusha presented the first collection of her Nyusha & Léka clothing brand “Want to love”. This is a collaboration of the singer and designer Léka popular in the West. Brandlabel has designed a complete brand book, original lettering and labels.

Modern Stylish Concept

Bright collaboration

Singer Nyusha created Nuysha & Léka clothing brand in collaboration with American designer Léka. The first capsule collection of the brand was named “Want to love”, clothes are designed in “Sport casual” style. All items of the collection are combined with each other and complement each other. The first capsule of the brand meets the needs of progressive youth and introduces original design ideas. The NYUSHA&LÉKA brand is designed for a young and active audience, like the artist herself.

Integrity of Brand Positioning

Corporate brandbook

The positioning of a modern fashion house should be perfectly complete, effective and consistent. We have thought through all the components of the brand and put them together into a single concept, creating a logo and a full-fledged brand book that corresponds to the spirit of the collection. Brandbook is a unique guide, which contains all the elements of identity, designed based on characteristics and aims of the brand. Also, the brand book reflects the norms of usage of all elements to convey the brand's philosophy to consumers as effectively and beautifully as possible.

Contrasting Colors

Label design

The final touch was the creation of a contrast label. Created in the same style with the logo and designed in the same color scheme: dull gray or the traditional combination of black and white instead of it was diluted with cheerful shades of pink.

Original Representation

Sport casual style

Bright images in the style of “sport casual” will be liked by the active and extraordinary people. For them, the singer has developed cropped hoodie, classic body with playful inserts, free T-shirts with inspiring inscriptions.

Inspiration in Each Symbol

Inspiring inscriptions

Each inscription and print is an inspiring message. Handwritten by the designer in original style and filled with elegance of lines, it is one of the main accents of the fashion collection - it leaves an unforgettable imprint in memory.

  • Pink Sweatshirt Dress

    -.4 500

  • Brown T-shirt

    -.2 200

  • Gray Hoodie

    -.4 900

Congratulations from the Stars

Collection presentation

The girls did not entrust their creation to outsiders and made themselves models for the Look Book. The collection was developed jointly with the designer and founder of the brand of women's clothing LÉKA. Philip Kirkorov, Irina Medvedeva, Glukoza and other celebrities came to congratulate the singer on her debut.

Thanks to the expressive and attractive combinations, the Nyusha&Léka brand has a bright sound - stylish, daring and, of course, on the level of a world-class brand. Thanks to the optimal selection of fonts and stylish layout, as well as thoughtful content, which made it possible to cut off all unnecessary, everything makes a first-class image, built on attention to detail.