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The main purpose of Brandlabel and Premier Product partnership was to introduce the new brand to its local target audience: people who prefer buying luxury products of top quality. Now Premier Product brand is well known as a shop that sells local food that is both healthy and tasty. The brand became popular within very short time due to the professionally designed brand image and optimal promotion methods.

Delicious Accents


Premier Product positioning started with the creation of brand name and logotype. The full brand name is “Premier Product – the store of tasty food”. This brand name highlights the food’s taste and quality. By changing the color palette, font and adding a horizontal line, Brandlabel has turned the brand name into the logotype. As a result, the logotype represents Premier Product shop as the top-class grocery shopping place.

Elegance in Every Detail


It was crucial to design a logotype that can be easily placed to all sorts of materials, such as glass, wood, textile or paper, in order to create brand awareness and recognition. At the same time the logotype had to be flexible to make the needed visual impression on all types of advertising materials. Brand guidelines offer the wide range of possible ways of logotype usage on different advertising materials. Friendly relationships with customers are one of the key features of Premier Product store. To make the process of communication more comfortable and convenient Brandlabel has created stylish and laconic stationery design, including envelopes, letterheads, blanks, folders, and labels.

Maximum Proximity to the Customer


The discount card is the bridge between the shop and its clients. It creates the feeling of involvement into the special circle because of the discount in the elite company. Moreover discount card reminds the clients about the previous visit. Brandlabel has created the whole set of stylish discount and gift cards and certificates with elegant leather holders.

  • Store sign

    Visual expression of the shop is the most important buying trigger. Brand Label chose metal as the material of horizontal line. This decision increased the brand connection with elite high quality products.

  • Graphic arts

    The ability to know more about the brand creates the feeling of involvement in the world of gourmet meal and the festival of taste and delight.

  • Outdoor advertising

    Outdoor advertising is the presentation of the shop in the city streets. Using this form of advertising, Brandlabel highlighted all the advantages of the brand, such as top-quality food and service.

When working with brands in the high price segment, it is extremely important to emphasize elitism, so that customers do not even have a shadow of doubt that they get the best for their money. No detail can be ignored, a branded tag on the clothes of the staff working with customers in the store directly, packages in which the buyer takes home a bottle of high-end wine, a beautiful discount card or even wrapping paper wrapped in a glass decorated with the name of the brand. All these small nuances are added into a single idea about the level of the institution and the quality of products. Due to the affective advertising campaign the brand has become popular. Since Premier Product sells top quality food and has high standards of service, sufficient customer's flow has made the business extremely profitable, successful and promising.