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Samstroy is one of the lead companies on the market of balcony vitrifaction in Samara. To create and retain sustainable customer flow, the company needed a site for soliciting visitors online and further sales promotion. The site worked out by the Brandlabel team, first of all, provides exceptionally high conversion and well-considered logic, motivating visitors for further personal interaction with the company reps.
OOO Samstroy Samara Website Development - site development

Selling Design

Продающий дизайн

To motivate visitors apply to the company, structure of the site was thought over; along with this, appealing marketing-oriented design was elaborated, which efficiently presents motivation “anchors” and unveils the company pros in the most advantageous way. Comfortable design creates visual convenience emphasizing visitors’ attention on the target elements due to eye-catching red shade. Button for measurement order immediately catches an eye due to appropriate placement – for emotions and actions-oriented visitors. For those more prone to analyses of advantages, the site describes in well-structured and in persuasive form why it’s a good idea to choose Samstroy.
OOO Самстрой Самара Website Development - разработка сайта

Adaptive Coding

Адаптивная верстка

Adaptive coding enables to acquire maximum efficiency of the site and to create really sustainable and strong customer flow, providing visitors with opportunity to view content and make use of the site functionality via any habitual gadgets (tabloid, smartphone, stationary PC), regardless of the time of day and location.


Удобство использования

Adaptive design is appropriately elaborated for convenient viewing of the site content via any gadget, meanwhile, design and functionality are fully retained, as well as marketing-oriented landing structure of the site.

More Possibilities

Больше возможностей

Adaptive design enables to sell the brand to extended number of customers due to removing constraints and extension of promotion opportunities including Instagram and other popular apps.

OOO Samstroy Samara Website Development - site development
  • Convenience

    Site can be visited via any gadgets, which creates positive sense of convenience for users.

  • Immensity

    Opportunity to interact with maximum possible amount of perspective customers.

  • Marketability

    Advantageous contrast to majority of competitors sites not adapted for gadgets.

As the result of Brandlabel team work, the company acquired excellent marketing site with high conversion, which turned into an efficiently and sustainably functioning tool for the company marketing and sales.