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Sanita is a successful manufacturer of high-quality sanitarywear, for which Brandlabel carried out rebranding. The challenge was to unveil an image of success and prosperity with the help of striking positioning, meanwhile to attract new audience due to emphasizing features appealing for customers: top quality standards, style and accessibility. The corporate philosophy is unveiled in its slogan “ Sanitarywear for everyone. We make places you want to visit“, evoking positive associations in customers’ minds and sense of the brand’s presence in their lives. As the result, Brandlabel worked out the conception in the form of a set of materials creating integral brand perception for the target audience.

Main Emphasis

Integral system of the visual elements

All the visual elements for the brand were elaborated and compiled in integral system. The corporate color scheme based on “water“ shades is lined up with graphical wave in the logo writing. In addition, complementary colors were chosen enabling to present the production of Sanita in print and digitally in the most appropriate way. Guidelines for logo representation were elaborated, multifunctional combination of modern stylish fonts highlighting the trademark identity was created. To make brand management comfortable, all the elements and their interaction are unveiled in the brandbook.

Maximum Integrity of the Design

Creating a corporate brandbook

Based on primary branding elements, fully-featured ready-to use turn-key sets of materials for various occasions were elaborated, including business documentation: business cards, folders and covers, stationery forms and envelopes. We have also unveiled such an important issue of image campaign as human figures, which are supposed to increase sense of popularity for the target audience and recognition of production with the population. In the brandbook, descriptions of character types, possible shooting angles, color scheme and other features are presented.

Materials for Printing

All necessary formats of mock-ups

As the company is often featured in print media, to make organisaton and execution of PR-campaigns easier, we carefully elaborated print collateral mock-ups of necessary formats: booklet, catalog, leaflet.

Attractive Convenience

Booklets laconic design

Due to well-considered design and coding from cover to the final page, mock-ups of catalogs and booklets look impressive. Laconic design and conveniently habitual for most of people А4 format enables to make the brand maximum attractive in interaction with customers.

Effective Presentation

Different formats of banners

To present the brand in print media, we elaborated mock-ups of banners: for placement on cover and inside the printed issues. Banners are presented in several formats, from which it is always possible to choose the most appropriate ones to meet criteria of the chosen issue: А4 (page), А3 (double page spread), А5 (half-page).

Ubiquitous Reputation

Various formats of billboards

For extensive advertising on interior and exterior locations, we elaborated design for various formats of billboards enabling to choose the most appropriate one considering place and campaign features.

Engaging an Online Audience

Motivating banners and e-presentation

Interaction of brand with customers today is impossible to imagine without electronic media involvement. To work with target audience online, we elaborated motivating banners and e-presentation adapted for various gadgets.

Treveling Advertisement

Design of Transport Ad

As Sanita not only produces but also deals with transfer of own production, corporate vehicle fleet presents an opportunity to obtain complementary mobile cost effective advertising medium. Brandlabel designers elaborated a few mock-ups of tents for placement on vehicles of 3 various dimension categories: semi truck (20 tonnes), pickup truck, lada largus.

Effective Interaction with Partners

Advertising materials mock-ups

Cooperation with other successful brands enables to increase sense of reliability in the eyes of customers, as well, it creates opportunity for ad cost optimization. We created mock-ups of banners with consideration of retaining integrity and contiguity with the brand for co-branding in the form of integrated advertising with other trade marks and companies. As part of corporate style, we elaborated mock-ups of materials for advertising in print media and in the form of banners in cooperation with partner brands on conditions of equal relations and supremacy of Sanita.

  • Mobility

    Enables to view presentation via any gadgets.

  • Quality

    Ad banners can be used with no distortion.

  • Development

    Promising promotion of the brand online.

Sanita - разработка брендука

As the result of rebranding, the Sanita philosophy acquired appropriate outline in the form of well-organized set of efficient PR-materials as well as guidelines for their efficient application both at the current stage of the brand life and in the course of further development.