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To create an integral and eye-catching brand for the up-to-date education Montessori centre for children, Talant, we have worked out integral unique conception, all the elements of which, along with their interaction are unveiled in a fully-featured brandbook. All the elements of the brand including standards of logo typographic treatment, selection of corporate color scheme and fonts as well as ready-to use turn-key sets of materials for various occasions are perfectly compiled in consistent style, presenting the brand's identity.

Impressive corporative Identity

Logo and business cards

The logo looks similarly attractive in large size, for instance, on the sign of the education centre, or on business cards of standard format. Stylish business cards build powerful associative relations with the brand and help customers and partners retain and recall associations shaped in the course of interaction with brand in their mind.

Respectable Communication

Stationery forms and envelopes

For remote interaction with customers and partners, stationery forms and envelopes are elaborated in representative business style, at the same time reminding of a friendly atmosphere typical for your brand.

Perfection in Every Detail

Print collateral design

Moreover, print collateral design was worked out: covers for folders and multipaged documents, leaflets. Laconic variants of branded printwork design are based on corporate color scheme. Furthermore, photos are applied to increase communication effeciency, topically related activities to education centers.

  • Style Foundations

    Unique corporate color scheme and logo to create perfect mood.

  • Attention Drawing

    Bright handout materials to create positive associative relations.

  • Building-up Relationship

    Stylish business cards and documentation to remind of the brand.

The brandbook worked out for the education centre Talant, makes dealing with brand positioning and development easy and pleasant, thus helping to build up positive long-lasting relations with customers and partners and facilitate brand recognition.