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For the education Montessori centre Talant, we have developed the site, enabling the brand to achieve current goals and develop in the long view. The site design is executed with corporate shades. We used photos to create associative relations with the education activity centre and to evoke positive emotions in visitors. Functionally, the site is coded in up-to-date size-conscious landing structure, which is intuitive and convenient for browsing. The site fully unveils to visitors all the needed aspects of the company's activities: we included information on curriculum and teachers, added a feedback section and a map with the centre location. Also, a convenient contact form is executed.

Talant Website Development - разработка сайта

Adaptive Coding

Website functionality

To extend target audience and make brand management more convenient, adaptive coding is worked out, enabling visitors to view the website content and make use of its functionality via habitual gadgets.

Web Usability

Maximum convenience

Adaptive coding is executed for the website considering the most up-to-date trends. It enables users to view the content via any gadgets retaining full quality of design and functionality. The website design and usability let visitors get acquainted with the brand with maximum convenience.

  • Loyalty

    Possibility to use the website via habitual gadgets creates sense of care and strengthens loyalty.

  • Development

    Easier managing of brand reputation and promotion via mobile apps, such as Instagram.

  • Attractiveness

    The website looks awesome on any gadgets retaining full quality of images, shades, fonts, etc.

Talant Webwebsite Development - разработка сайта

The website for the education Montessori centre Talant provides users with sense of friendliness, integrity and convenience. As for the brand owners, it’s an easy-to-use and efficient tool for dealing with customers, enabling to facilitate conversion, gain optimization of expenses on ad and promotion and turn customers into loyal brand fans.