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The key feature of St. Petersburg is the balance between its grandiose archaic architecture and its artistic extraordinariness. Brandalbel has successfully transferred this feature to the website of the agency that offers tours around this wonderful and misterious city. The photos of different city landscapes express the unique atmosphere of St. Petersburg and let the visitors feel this remarkable city.
Туры в Санкт Петербурге - разработка сайта

Spectacular Design

Эффектный дизайн

Animation effects create the illusion of a real walk along the city streets or a boat tour along the channels. The catalogue represents all the well-known sights of the cultural center of Russia and plenty of opportunities for tourists who would like to take a tour around the most beautiful places of St. Petersburg. The spectacular art design of the website allows Tour Petersburg agency to stand out among rivals.
Туры в Санкт Петербурге - разработка сайта

Sights Detailed Description

Подробное описание достопримечательностей

Every sight has its separate page that tells the visitors about the historical place. On such pages one can find the brief information that encourages visitors to order a tour. There are also the links to other pages with other interesting tours and the details about the price and the excursion duration.

Туры в Санкт Петербурге - разработка сайта

The website is very easy to use for people of all the ages. It functions in English and in Russian. To make the website comfortable to use, Brandalabel team has taken into account many small details, such as the feedback form ( to make the website interactive) and adaptive design (to make the site available from all sorts of devices). As a result, is a high converting website that accomplishes all the functions and attracts new clients. It can work for a long time without any sufficient renewing or redesign.