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Some products and companies don’t have any equivalents in the world. Creating the brand for such companies can seem easier than trying to outline a company among the rivals. But this is just an illusion. The main difficulty is to tell the target audience fort the new product using simple and clear terms and the best suitable mass media channels. These were the main tasks in working with Tritty – the multinational platform that offers contact lists of all sorts of companies for B2B business relationships.

Useful Associations


Brandlabel created the company's image from scratch: starting with the brand name and ending with computerising of all the necessary functions. Simple minimalistic colors and shapes were chosen for the company's corporate style in order to create the image of a reliable and accessible organisation. The color palette includes aquamarine because this color is associated with new information, communication, and interaction.

Worldwide Scope of the Project


The project is international and is open for all the countries. Now the website of the project is functioning in 9 different languages. In case of necessity, new languages can be added to overcome linguistic and geographic borders. Brandlabel team has set up all the needed processes and added the suitable content on the website. The result was immediate. Now Tritty website has visitors from 200 countries all over the world. Масштаб бренда грандиозный не только географически. The scale of Tritty project is colossal. It is geographically boundless, and its content and functionality offer the users plenty of opportunities. The common database is enormous and perfectly categorised. As a result, the website has more than 100 millions contacts from more than a million geographical locations. The user needs only to mention the needed company type, the city, and the country to get the list of the companies and their contacts in PDF format.

Tritty Brand Development - brand creation

Global Forethought


Tritty’s corporate website, created by Brandlabel specialists, has more than 40 design options for the most popular gadgets and devices, including iPad and iPhone models.

Maximum Integrity of the Design


Brandlabel agency has designed Tritty website from scratch, including programming code, graphic design and plenty of other elements, such as the website's CMS, automatic transactions, and email distribution system that can automatically communicate with the users depending on their individual status.

  • Tritty Website Development - website design
  • Tritty Website Development - website design

    Work on the project “turnkey” allows you to develop every detail in the brand structure.


    The work of Brandlabel allowed to adjust traffic for a site from more than 200 countries from different corners of the globe.


    Creating your own CMS allowed us to automate and speed up many of the site's processes.

The feedback system is arranged with the help of a brief form that is situated on the contact page. Nowadays, when the demand for product is extremely high, the best possible quality of technical support is crucial. Brandlabel took over these functions, and now we control the process of communication with clients. Brandlabel team managed to fulfill the most important task: to computerise the sales around the world. Tritty project is absolutely unique, has no analogues in the world, and is one of the best projects of Brandlabel agency.