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"Tritty" is the multinational platform that offers contact lists of all sorts of companies for B2B business relationships. Since the project is international, it is open for all countries and has no equivalent in the world. Brandlabel created the company's image from scratch: starting with the brand name and ending with computerising all the necessary functions. The website was designed according to the company's preferences and needs.
Tritty Website Development - разработка сайта

Spectacular Presentation

Эффектная презентация

Once entering the site, users see the spectacular presentation of the opportunities offered by Tritty platform to entrepreneurs from all over the world. The presentation is implemented with the use of corporate colors that are associated with water and air – two important communicative channels in the modern world. Each module has the motivational buttons that encourage the visitors to learn more about Tritty and try its services.
Tritty Website Development - разработка сайта



The implemented data export system is extremely convenient in use. The platform offers contact databases for b2b collaboration and services. The general database of the platform consists of more than 100 million companies. All of them are divided, according to their business industry, and they are easy to find in Market module. Thought the amount of content is huge, the speed of the website is amazing.
Tritty Website Development - разработка сайта

Convenient Search

Удобный поиск

Two search types are possible, depending on the customers’ individual preferences. This technology allows to search and find the companies that best matches the exact chosen category. The first search option enables the visitor to search companies by their business sphere.
Tritty Website Development - разработка сайта

Geolocation system

Система геолокации

The second search option is comfortable for those look for the companies in a particular geographical region. The website is provided with geolocation system, covering all the globe. In Tritty’s database one can find more 1.000.000 locations.

  • Tritty Website Development - разработка сайта
  • Tritty Website Development - разработка сайта

Multinational website

Многонациональный вебсайт

Tritty website covers all the world and can definitely considered international. Because this service doesn’t have any equivalents, it can be difficult to understand from the first sight. To overcome this difficulty, Brandalbel has built the website the way it can function in different languages simultaneously. What’s more, the website's help service is equipped with the form that is available in 9 languages.

Tritty Website Development - разработка сайта

Adaptive version of the platform makes it possible to use the website from all sorts of devices. Trittty project is unique and it functions at the highest professional level. These features make it impossible to be reached and beaten by rivals.