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Website support

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For more than 12 years, we have been supporting all sorts of websites: from the very easy ones, to complex international web projects. By choosing us you can get rid of all the technical problems. Check out the list of tariff plans below to get more information and choose the best suitable tariff.


Tariff plan includes:
  • Website working capacity control
  • Immediate error correction
  • Website backup
  • Email control, help in setting it up
  • Malware diagnostic and removing
  • Domain delegation control
  • Storing the necessary technical data
  • Keeping in touch with web hosting provider
  • Publishing information on website
Hours of a specialist's assistance
5 hours
5000 Rubles per month

Our clients' favourite plan

Beside all the options listed in the Basic tariff plan, Business tariff plan includes:
  • Functional opportunities change
  • adding and changing the modules
  • design change
  • design and placing of banners

This tariff plan is for the companies that are actively developing in the Internet. The Tariff plan allows to publish the news on the website nearly every day.
Hours of a specialist's assistance
10 hours
10000 Rubles per month


Beside all the options listed in the Business tariff plan, Premium tariff plan includes:
  • Personal manager
  • Priority service
  • twenty-four-hour support 24/7
  • launching advertising campaigns
  • Regular specialist attendance
Hours of a specialist's assistance
25 hours
20000 Rubles per month

Each project has its own objectives, and all the unexpected problems must be solved, whatever tariff is used. We have the opportunity of fulfilling any additional services using the additional tariffication - 1200 rubles per hour. We can accomplish plenty of additional tasks: photo editing, adding new products to the Internet-shop website, translations, crossposting in social media and many other things.

We send the Client Agreement to our consumers by email. If the client doesn't have any questions, he or she fills it in and signs up. One copy of the agreement is usually sent by mail or it can be delivered by the courier service. To speed up the process we can send you a scanned copy of the agreement (with the stamps) by email.

We ask 100% advance payment for the website support service. We write the bank cheque for the sum mentioned in the agreement. We send our clients the scanned copy of this bank cheque. The original paper is sent to them by mail. The work starts only when prepayment is received. All the operations can be accomplished only after payment confirmation. The scanned copy of the payment receipt can also be accepted as the payment confirmation. In order to accomplish all the tasks, mentioned in the agreement, the contractor (Brandlabel agency) needs to get the complete access to the source. The client needs to email the access to FTP/SSH, MYSQL and the administrative website system to the provider. When we ask you to send us "the access", it means the server address, login, password.

Supported CMS and freimworks
  • 1C Bitrix vector logo
  • wordpress vector logo
  • Joomla vector logo
  • Drupal Vector logo
  • NetCat Vector logo
  • Ruby vector logo

The most often used CMS are listed here. It goes without saying that our team can support websites with self-written CMS, other open-source or paid CMS: MODX CMS, Opencart, Host CMS, Текарт CMS/CMF, UMI.CMS, AMIRO.CMS and many others are among them.

Are you ready to order your website support?

To try our website support service, you need to write us a short letter, where you need to write your domain and all the necessary access levels to it. Once you do it - all your problems are already solved!

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I find out how much time a month you will need to spend on my website?

    To count the time we need to know your objectives, how many people are going to work on your project, and how much work they will have to accomplish to achieve the set up objectives.

    To make your website function without any breaks, you need to take care of its programming (software engineering) and safety, as well as technical solutions and renewing your website content.

    As a result, 7 people are needed to make the easiest website function appropriately: web-designer, programmer, administrator (admin), content-manager, copywriter and SEO-optimiser.

  • Why are our website support packages cost-efficient and profitable for you?
    • You don't have to maintain the whole department of workers and managers. Instead, you work with one manager who controls your project.
    • You are not busy solving any technical problems.
    • You don't spend your time for tactical planning and website control.
    • You pay only for the real work of the first-class specialists without overpaying for the services, you don't need because we plan our tactical tasks carefully.
    • You save you money on each service because we optimise our timetable and the costs.
    • You just need to bespeak your wishes and you will get exactly what you need in the exact time.
    • Besides the services included into your tariff our policy guarantees you free high-quality support 24/7.
    • You get modern comfortable and fast working website that will make your brand popular and profitable. You don't have to worry about it, and you can concentrate on other tasks or hobbies.
  • Why do I need to order website support in your company?
    • We are reliable. We have been working in this sphere for more than twelve years. Companies all over the world trust us. We are extremely attentive to all our customers, no matter if it is a huge company or a small business.
    • It's profitable. Our Tariffs are based on our clients' needs: you can choose the one you like more. Due to optimising all our processes we have managed to make all our prices absolutely affordable.
    • We are multifunctional. Our clients don't need to look for other professionals because we have all the necessary resources for website design and website support.
    • Effectiveness and efficiency. You get exactly what you need. We can design and maintain websites using any CMS and with any modern technologies.
    • Free support. All our clients get free twenty-four-hour support service that includes technical support, such as backup, availability monitoring, IT security monitoring and check for broken links.
    • Easiness. Being our client is pleasant and comfortable. To make your website perfect, you need only to choose the tariff plan you like, sign the agreement and be proud of your effective and profitable website.
  • I need to change the information on the website. Can you do it for me?

    If your website needs a one-off service, you need to write the technical task and send it to us by email: brandlabel@yandex.ru. .

    We also offer any website maintenance solutions for the usual fee mentioned on our website. This system allows our clients to save money on the unnecessary regular procedures that they can get urgently in case of unpredictable or unusual problems. To learn more about your personal case please contact our manager or fill in the brief application form and email it to us. Our specialists will get into touch with you and disscuss all the organisational moments: the best way of connection and collaboration, prices and payment details, and they will ask you several questions to clarify your needs and our objectives

  • Where can I write or call in case I need some technical support?

    All our contact information can be easily found on the contact page of our website. You can write us right here and right now. Our manager will immediately connect with you and answer all your questions.

    To begin with, you need to fill in the brief form published on our website and send it to us. It is needed to find the most suitable tariff for you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the brief form, feel free to contact us. We will help you immediately.

  • How to start using a tariff plan?
    1. You need to fill in the brief form and send it to us. You can tell us about the chosen tariff in the filled in form.
    2. Our manager will get into touch with you to clarify all the necessary details and offer you the plan of the upcoming work.
    3. When the plan and all other details are clarified, we will email you the agreement form to get acquainted with. Then, we sign the agreement and mail you the original stamped agreement or send it with currier. To save your time, we can send you the scan-copy of the agreement (with all the necessary stamps and signatures).
    4. You pay the sum mentioned in your tariff the way you like. Usually we prepare the payment bill for you and email the scanned copy of it to you. So you could have the necessary banking details to pay the bill.
    5. The original form of the bill is sent by usual mail. The scanned copy of the payment order can be also send by e-mail because it is also considered as the payment confirmation.
    6. After that, you send us the information for accessing your account, such as FTP/SSH, MYSQL, website management information system, as well as the website address (domain), your login and password. We need all this information to fulfil our duties according to the agreement.
    7. After this, you work with your project manager, while our team is solving all the needed tasks.